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Get Ready To Change Your Life

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and felt satisfied with your reflection?  How long have you been contemplating getting in shape? A few months, a few years perhaps?  I'm going to make the first step of that decision easy for you - by offering you a FREE session.  Let's ignite that fire inside of you together! 

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OPA Mens Ontario Championships 2016:

“Do something for yourself!  Working with Coach Phil has been a life changer for me.  I have more confidence, energy and no longer hate exercising - I actually LOVE it!"

Christine Jones

The First Step to a New You!

Rain or shine I will be there when you need me.  To me, being a Coach is much more than just helping a person reach their physical goals. I see myself as an anchor to my client, physically and mentally. An anchor that supports and holds on to your goals and milestones. Everyone see's the transformations people go through. But they never see the blood, sweat and tears the client endures to reach that image that is in the picture. A trainer is there every step of the way. Rain or shine I am there to guide you to your desired fitness destination.

Coach Phil

  • 10 months and 5 sizes Down


    “After what I consider a “slow start” to my results I found myself losing my motivation. I presented myself with 2 options… become another statistic and pay for a gym that I was not going to use or, get a jumpstart on my results with a personal trainer. I am happy to say that I made the right decision by choosing to work with Phil, and get the push that I have always been looking for. I started to work with Phil about 1 year ago and have not looked back since. I continue to see him 2 - 3x per week and have reduced 7 inches off of my waist, lost over 40lbs on the scale and have energy to spare all day long.“

  • 12 months and 8 sizes Down


    “Most of my life I have been overweight and out of shape.  I was never athletic and rarely if ever did I exercise.  At the age of 35, I was close to 300 pounds and finally decided tht enough was enough!  I began my weight loss journey vowing to stick with it as long as it took.  This wasn't the first time, in the past I had attempted to get the weight off in a variety of ways and suffered failure each and every time.  Phil listened to my story and built a program that would incresase my muscle, decrease my body fat and totally test my endurance.  I was very self conscious about having a trainer and feared that my lack of athletic ability would be judged.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  It was exactly what I needed.  Phil was completely supportive and believed in me.  He was constantly making me more aware of just how capable I am.  I am so happy I didn't let my fear prevent me from that experience.  I have reached my goal of losing 100 pounds, trained and completed two half marathons and competed in dragon boat racing events.  My body hs been totally transformed.  But the most important transformation has to be in my confidence. Phil was completely amazing at pulling out my strengths and supporting me to learn new skills, like boxing.  I love our sessions together!“

This is Why I'm Different!

I am not just a Personal Trainer, Boxing Coach and Nutritionist.  I am your #1 Fan!  

Train with one of Toronto's most experienced Personal Trainers.

I take the guesswork out of you reaching your goals.  Together we will accomplish what you never thought possible.  Don't take a chance on low cost, inexperienced and uncertified trainers - train with the best and accept nothing less! 

Have all the gym perks without having to join a gym!  All Personal Training clients have access to my facilities, classes and equipment without ever having to sign up for a gym membership! What other trainer can offer you all this?

Training with me also includes the following free of charge: 

      Access to my 35,000 sq foot fitness facility 
      Specialty Classes (yoga, pilates, kettlebell) 
     • Access to steam room, sauna, showers
     • Free child minding 

Your first session is FREE! During our first session, we will analyze and discuss your goals and come up with a plan thats tailored to you and your budget.

8-16 Sessions

Are you looking at geting better use out of your home gym?  Want to be able to navigate your exercise time better to yield more effective results? Together we will work towards building confidence in programming while getting you in better shape! 

20-36 Sessions

The deadlines rapidly approaching and you're still not in tip top shape!  Whether it be your wedding or that tropical getaway that you need to be in amazing shape for - we will get you there! 

52+ Sessions

Get ready to transform your life!  Together we will work on your physique and lifestyle habits to make long and lasting results while we achieve the body of your dreams! 


Schedule Your First Session

We are going to make an awesome team!  I know you'll love my passion, motivation and commitment to you.  

What My Actual Clients Have To Say!

  • "I'm 63 years old.  I came to Coach Phil with zero history of exercise.  My body was aching, my muscle was wasting away and I started to develop the "pouch".  With a family history of heart disease and osteoarthritis I had to do something but working out was like talking another language to me.  I've worked with Coach Phil for 2 years and even my GP is amazed!  Phil is not only an amazing trainer - he is an amazing human being.  Compassionate, dedicated and highly intelligent in his skill."

    Rose C.  

  • "If results are what matters to you the most, then Coach Phil is the best trainer for you. He may ask a lot from you, but you will get even more than what you expect in return.  
    Small tweaks to my diet and exercise under the eye of Phil yielded fast results.  I've dropped 11lbs of fat in just 4 weeks, slept the best I had in years and had more energy and a better mood.
    I strongly recommend Coach Phil!"

    John H. 

  • "I've been a gym rat for years. But one day I had a hard conversation with myself - as the image reflected back to me in the mirror did NOT represent the effort and time I spent in the gym.  Coach Phil was referred to me via a collegue and meeting with him was hands down the best decision I've made.  I am stronger, leaner and fitter in the 5 months I've worked with him than the 5 years I spent doing it on my own. "

    Oliver A.

  • "Working with Coach Phil has been an amazing journey.  He's helped me change poor eating and lifestyle habits.  The work is hard and he never lets me off easy but it's paid off!
    It's a love/hate relationship.  Love the results, hate the work! "

    David G. 

  • "With a wedding rapidly approaching and a dress that was not forgiving, I had to do something!  As they say - pictures last a lifetime!
     Coach Phil has been nothing short of amazing in helping me exceed my physique goals. Not only do I look amazing - I feel it to!"

    Samara S. 

  • "Coach Phil's passion and energy is contagious.  You want to do better because he wants you to be better!  He has instilled so much confidence and passion in me that for the first time I finally see and am reaching the finish line!"

    Jason W.